Anthem Quotes
 Dance To The Music You Have Created In Your Head.... - Soulful Indulgence - Quotes Donut
 Raising the flag and singing the anthem are, while somewhat suspicious, not in t... - Terry Pratchett - Quotes Donut
 I started the journey alone.
People kept joining , and the trail started... - Pranshu - Quotes Donut
 Happy Holi... - Ashutosh - Quotes Donut
 E para ganhar meu amor, meus irmãos devem fazer mais que meramente ter nascido.... - Ayn Rand - Quotes Donut
 What is m... - Ayn Rand - Quotes Donut
 It has been a day of wonder, this, our first day in the forest.... - Ayn Rand - Quotes Donut
 We wish to be damned with you, rather than blessed with all our brothers. Do... - Ayn Rand - Quotes Donut
 The secrets of this earth are not for all men to see, but only for those who wil... - Ayn Rand - Quotes Donut